Clean Desk Vs. Messy Desk: Which one is better?


Have you heard the quote by Albert Einstein “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” 


I have seen this quote posted next to messy desks, a lot more often that I would like. Does it mean that people with clutter desks are smarter? I don’t believe that having a cluttered desk has anything to do with how smart you are.


I do believe however that for some people such as myself, having a clean desk helps you feel more focus and relaxed than a messy desk does.


I like my desk to look clean and organized. This is my desk at my job:


​​As you can see I have very few things on my desk.


All the things that I have in my desk are things that I like. My favorite thing about my desk is my bamboo plant. I love having it because it makes feel refreshed.


I enjoy seeing my desk clean and organize! Having a messy desk adds on to my stress.


QUESTION: Do you have a clean or messy desk? If you have a messy desk, does it affect you in any way?


If you have a messy desk, and you would like to clean it up and keep it organize, I recommend that you decorate it with things that bring you happiness and inspires you.


The things that I have in my desk, are a reflection of things that I like and others are things that make my life easier, for example:


Mouse pad: colorful world map, it has a quote that says "Adventure Awaits" I love it because I love how colorful it is and it inspires me to travel around the world.


Lotion: I wash my hands often and I have to put lotion every time I wash them, so I keep it handy right in front of me.  


Power Strip: I charge my phone and my laptop often at work. I hate having to connect it on the wall outlet that is under my desk, so I taped my power strip on my desk with double sided tape to make it easier and faster to charge anything.


Pineapple Bookends: I use one side of the pineapple bookends to hold my binders and the other for decoration. I love the quote "Be a Pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown, be tough on the outside and sweet on the inside.” It reminds me to be nice but to not let people take advantage of me.


Favorite pictures on the top (3 Squares): Those three pictures are some of my favorite pictures that I have taken. You can check them out on my Instagram: colorful_and_random.


Before choosing the things that I am going to put in my desk, I think about how I am going to use them and why I am choosing them. I try to buy things that look pretty and are useful or inspire me.


I hope you found this blog interesting! Share pictures of your desk with me! I would love to see how you decorate your desk!

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