Motivational Quotes

February 17, 2018


I love reading Motivational/Inspirational quotes! Every time I feel overwhelmed or unmotivated to do something I read quotes. I am a very analytical person and quotes help me stay motivated to achieve my goals and get rid of self-doubts.


There are two Instagram pages that I like to check out for quotes: The Young Empire and Be a Frida. These two pages have a lot of cool quotes. I recommend that you visit their pages to get inspired!


Whether you are looking for inspiration to speak up or to follow your goals, these pages will give you the motivation that you need! The last two quotes that I read and made my day were: “Discipline in the bridge between goals and accomplishment” by The Young Empire and “In a world that prefers silence. I choose to scream” by Be a Frida.


I hope you enjoy these pages and their quotes as much as I do!

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