Top 5 Countries

February 10, 2018

These are the top 5 countries that I would like to visit and the reasons why. If you have traveled to any of these countries please share some tips with me!


#5 India

When I was a sophomore in High School, my history teacher introduced my class to the Indian culture with a focus in Hinduism. I was fascinated with everything I learned. During that same year, my sister started watching a soap opera in Spanish called “India: A love Story” about the Indian culture, their traditions and their caste system. This increased my curiosity and my eagerness to visit India. I hope I get to travel to this country soon!


#4 Egypt

Pyramids! Yes! I learned about Egypt through my history classes. Every time I thought about Egypt the pyramids came to my mind. I believe that that is the same for a lot of people, because that is what we learn about in school. I found a meme about it, and it made me laugh a lot. Take a look at the meme!


#3 Cuba

I love to travel, but sadly I have only been in 3 Countries, Canada, United States and Mexico, my native land. I have heard so many stories about Cuba which include Communism and Santeria. As a history lover and as a very curious person I have done a lot of research about this country. I am super curious to learn from natives more about their history and their culture.


#2- Italy

I have been obsessed with Italy ever since I can remember! Every time I see pictures of Venice my heart starts beating fast and my body fills with joy! I love all the colorful house and the beauty of the canals that I see in pictures! I would love to travel throughout Italy with my husband. I think Italy is a very romantic country!


#1- France

Yes! the number one country that I would like to visit next is FRANCE!! Two years ago, I started watching YouTube Channels. Before that I didn’t know much about what YouTube was other than a website to watch music videos. As I started watching YouTube Channels I came across one specific channel called Una Mexicana En Paris. As a good Mexican myself, I started watching the videos in the Channel right away. I fell in love with the Channel and with France: the food, the language and the beautiful sceneries. France is the place where I would like to take my next trip!


Thank you for reading my blog! 

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