30 Day Photo Challenge - Let’s Get Inspired

February 4, 2018



When I started my website and my social media pages as Colorful and Random, I started posting only my favorite pictures. As I continued to post more pictures, I started holding myself to higher standards. I started focusing more on how the pictures looked, the colors, the angles, the filters and all the imperfections of the picture. Worrying too much about what people would think and if they would like the pictures. I started double guessing if I should be posting the pictures and forgot for a minute the reason why I created Colorful and Random: To show the pictures I love and the perfect moments that I captured.


I am doing the 30 day photo challenge because I want to focus on the simplicity of beautiful things, things that surround me every day and that I admire in my daily life.


Wanting to create something that people like is good, but creating something that you are passionate about is even better. Yes, there will be times when you double guess yourself and when you start doubting your skills. Keep in mind why you are doing what you are doing and it will help you stay grounded and move forward with your goals.


Doubting yourself is easy to do, but fighting through your fears and your doubts will help you accomplish your goals. I decided to do the 30 day photography challenge because I want to go back to simplicity and to taking pictures for the joy of it.


Stay posted as I continue to share the pictures for my #30dayphotochallenge

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