50 Things about me!

January 20, 2018


1.    I was born in Zacatecas, Mexico on September 23!

2.    My favorite color is blue- Any shade of BLUE

3.    I have been married for 4 years… And a total of 9 years with my husband!

4.    Christmas is my favorite holiday

5.    I used to have 4 dogs. Now I have 2

6.    I am scared of heights

7.    My zodiac sign is Libra, my Chinese horoscope is the horse. 

8.    My Favorite movie is Avatar

9.    I love Mariachi

10.  My favorite book is Things Fall Apart

11.  I don’t like to drink or to smoke

12.  I love to take pictures ever since I can remember

13.  I have one sister and two brothers, I am the 3rd one from oldest to youngest

14.  I hate cold weather

15.  I love autumn

16.  My favorite dessert is chocolate cake...and chocolate everything!

17.  I would like to have 3 kids

18.  I love to wear black shirts/blouses

19.  I would love to have a farm with different types of animals

20.  I moved to Chicago, IL when I was 11 years old from Mexico

21.  I am a very organized person

22.  I am very creative, but I feel like I haven’t found my true talent

23.  I love to dance!

24.  Florida Keys is the most beautiful place that I have visited so far in the USA

25.  I love Mexican food

26.  I do my nails every week, usually on Saturdays

27.  First impressions are very important to me

28.  I hate trying new types of food

29.  I love to drive because it gives me a sense of freedom

30.  I love iced coffee; hot coffee makes me sleepy

31.  If I was rich I would live my life traveling, learning about new cultures and helping people

32.  I have a lot of hobbies: Writing, painting, baking and more

33.  I am addicted to Salsa Valentina!

34.  I am a very social person, but I only have two people who I consider my best friends

35.  I only listen to music when I am sad, angry or super happy

36.  My favorite Ice cream flavor is strawberry

37.  I get a cake for my birthday every year!

38.  My favorite song in Spanish is Abrazame muy fuerte by Juan Gabriel!

39.  I dislike people who like to show off everything or people who just do things to get recognized

40.  I collect magnets from the places I have visited

41.  I hate to cook

42.  I love to run by the lake

43.  If I could, I would end world poverty and hunger

44.  I hate when people throw garbage on the street!

45.  I hate oversleeping and taking naps

46.  I don’t know how to swim

47.  I love going to the beach

48.  I would like to live around the world

49.  I don’t like to watch scary movies

50.  Love to read books and blogs!  

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